Hello and welcome to the Risk and Resilience group. We’re a research group based at The University of Cambridge and Leiden University, led by Anne-Laura van Harmelen, Professor of Brain, Safety and Resilience at the Institute of Education and Child Studies at Leiden University in the Netherlands.

The R&R group’s main focus is on examining the neurobiological mechanisms of risk and resilience in young people with a history of childhood adversity.  We do so by taking a complexity science approach that integrates knowledge from cultural, social, cognitive and neurobiological factors and their interactions.  Current projects in the group focus on understanding the mechanisms that aid resilient responses to stress, and examining the social, cognitive and neurobiological mechanisms of suicidality in young people.


The group’s mission is to investigate why some children and adolescents develop mental health and behavioural problems, and others do not. Our vision is to use our research findings to improve social resilience in young people around the world.