All data and code for manuscripts authored by the group can be found on the Cambridge Data Repository

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The interplay between adolescent friendships and resilience following childhood and adolescent adversity A.-L. van Harmelen,  S.J. Blakemore, I.M. Goodyer & R.A. Kievit. Our participants did not give consent for data to be shared. Therefore data can be requested from the Cambridge Data repository upon reasonable request. Code is found below, just copy and paste into r.

Data and code “Embracing the positive: An examination of how well resilience factors at age 14 can predict distress at age 17”, and “On the importance of resilience factors in the aftermath of childhood adversity” Fritz, Jessica; Stochl, Jan; Goodyer, Ian; van Harmelen, Anne-Laura; Wilkinson, Paul

Data and code supporting the paper “Positive memory specificity is associated with reduced vulnerability to depression” Askelund, Jo Adrian; Goodyer, Ian; Schweizer, Susanne; van Harmelen, Anne-Laura

Fritz, J., Fried, E. I., Goodyer, I. M., Wilkinson, P. O., van Harmelen, A.-L. (2018). A Network Model of Resilience Factors for Adolescents with and without Exposure to Childhood AdversityScientific Reports. R code:

Lewis, G.Ioannidis, K., van Harmelen, A.-L.,  Neufeld, S., Stochl, J., Jones, P.B., Goodyer,I.M. Advanced breast, but not pubic hair development, is associated with depression symptoms and diagnoses in adolescent females: a prospective longitudinal cohort study. PLOS One

van Harmelen, A.-L., Kievit, R.A., Ioannidis, K., Jones, P.B., Bullmore, E., Dolan, R., The NSPN consortium, Fonagy, P., & Goodyer, I.G. Adolescent friendships predict later resilient functioning across psyochosocial domains in a healthy community cohort. Psychological Medicine. data

DATA: Our participants did not give informed consent for their questionnaire measures to be made publicly available, and it is possible that they could be identified from this data set. Access to the data supporting the analyses presented in this paper will be made available to researchers with a reasonable request to

van Harmelen, A.-L., Gibson, J.L., St.Clair, M., Owens, M., Brodbeck, J., Dunn, V., Lewis, G., Croudace, T.J., Jones, P.B., Kievit, R.A., & Goodyer, I.G. (2016). Friendships and Family Support Reduce Subsequent Depressive Symptoms in At-risk Adolescents. Plos One: