It’s Mental Health Awareness Week

In conjunction with the Mood Disorders Research Group at Yale School of Medicine we have put together some handy tips for coping during these times – click here. Let’s make our mental health a priority today and everyday.

Added 20/05/2020

Bidding a sad farewell to Dr. van Harmelen!

Wishing you all the very best in your new Professorship and relocation of the R&R group to the Netherlands later this year. We will miss you! But are also secretly very pleased you will continue to supervise ongoing projects in the UK and the team members remaining in Cambridge, for the foreseeable future!

For the full announcement click here

Added: 30/04/2020

Meet the researchers on a mission to fight the adolescent mental health crisis

Read the full article from our department’s very own Prof. Ford and Dr. van Harmelen! – click here

Today is International Women and Girls in Science Day

A time to celebrate the fantastic achievements of women in science worldwide.

The Risk and Resilience group leader & Principal Investigator, Dr. Anne-Laura van Harmelen, discusses gender inequality in research and what we can do to help tackle this. Read the full interview – click here

Added 11/02/2020


R&R Group Leader wins APS Rising Star Award!

Added: 30/01/2019

Connections: science, poetry and the brain

The Connections project is led each year by Lucy Cavendish College, in partnership with AstraZeneca. This year the project brought together eight scientist-poet pairs, school children, students and the general public for a one-off inter-disciplinary event.

Dr. van Harmelen was paired with poet, Richard Berengarten. After discussing the R&R group’s research Mr. Berengarten chose to create a poem about the HOPES project – read the full poem here

Added 30/10/2019

FREE podcast alert! 

What factors help us to overcome adversity? Listen to this free podcast with the R&R Group’s Director and PI, Dr. Anne-Laura van Harmelen – Click here

Added: 30/09/2019


It’s World Suicide Prevention Day

Today is World Suicide Prevention Day; a time for us to come together and raise awareness of the importance of evidence-based suicide prevention work.

With this in mind, we have created a special Spotlight on Suicide blog. Click here for interesting insights and information from the R&R group’s very own HOPES project team.

Added: 10/09/2019


The RAISE study is looking for volunteers

It’s been a flurry of activity and excitement at the R&R group lab over the past few weeks, and we are extremely pleased to announce that we are now recruiting volunteers for the RAISE study! If you think you (or someone you know) meets the criteria below and would like to participate, please drop us an email:

Added: 19/08/2019


Interested in suicide research? Read this!

This special edition of JAD was edited by the HOPES project lead investigators and brings together reviews and original articles that address pressing research questions on biopsychosocial mechanisms underlying suicide risk. Click here to  check out the full issue.

Added: 13/08/2019

Learn to recognise, prevent and deal with mental health problems for FREE!

Are you a young person, or in contact with young people? Want to learn to recognise, prevent and deal with your mental health problems? Click here to access a free 5 week online course to do so!

Inside knowledge: This course was developed in collaboration with the R&R group’s director, Dr. Anne-Laura van Harmelen, which means it must be good. Not that we’re biased or anything. 

Added 01/11/2018