Jessica Fritz

PhD Student – RESIST Study

What are your research interests?
Topic related interests:

  • childhood adversity, trauma
  • temporary and chronic stress
  • mental health resilience
  • psychopathology, particularly anxiety and trauma and stressor-related disorders
  • (complicated) grief

Method related interests:

  • networks analysis
  • moderation, mediation, SEM
  • prediction modelling
  • latent growth and change score modelling
What current Projects/Studies are you are involved with?
My main research interest is the study of mental health resilience in individuals who have experienced adversity. Resilience can be described as a process of positive adaptation following exposure to adversity. Adverse experiences are strongly linked with the development of psychopathology in later life. Therefore, I believe that it is crucial that the various interrelated factors that may increase resilience are examined and understood. With my PhD research I aim to model the relationships between resilience factors cross-sectionally as well as longitudinally, spanning adolescence and young adulthood. To study the putative interrelations of various literature-derived resilience factors, I mainly use network analysis techniques. Establishing the interrelations of resilience factors might eventually help to improve translational research regarding mental health resilience and thus may improve therapeutic approaches for individuals exposed to adversity or severe stress. If you want to find out more about my research, please take a look at my website or email me at
Please tell us a bit about your background
From 2011 to 2014 I did a BSc in Psychology at Leiden University, the Netherlands. Afterwards, I did a two-year Research MSc (RMSc) in Clinical and Health Psychology at Leiden University, which I completed in 2016. Since October 2016 I have been a PhD student at Cambridge University (Newnham College), in the Department of Psychiatry. I am funded by the Medical Research Council Doctoral Training/Sackler Fund and the Pinsent Darwin Fund.
Please tell us about one thing you are proud of professionally
My latest paper: Fritz, J., Fried, E. I., Goodyer, I. M., Wilkinson, P. O., van Harmelen, A.-L. (2018). A Network Model of Resilience Factors for Adolescents with and without Exposure to Childhood Adversity. Scientific Reports, 8: 15774.