Alicia Smith

Research Assistant – RAISE study




What are your research interests?
  • Studying the neurobiological underpinnings of resilience after childhood adversity
  • Understanding how we may be able to improve psychological resilience
  • The application of neuroimaging to understand mental illness
What research are you currently involved with?

I am currently working on the RAISE study – a cutting edge neuroimaging study on neuro-inflammatory responses to stress in adolescents with a history of adversity. Our work aims to identify the factors that make some individuals function resiliently and what makes others more vulnerable. This approach may enable us in the future to detect risk factors for the emergence of mental illness, identify new targets for treatments and improve current treatments.

What inspires you to come to work?

My love for research comes from my love to learn new things and question everything!  I am passionate about lowering the burden of mental illness and conducting research aimed to identify and support vulnerable adolescents.

What’s great about working and living in Cambridge?

I’ve found that being in Cambridge motivates you to push yourself, both at work and at home. There’s always a talk to go to, a hidden coffee shop to read in, meditation or yoga classes to join. Being surrounded by great people makes you want to be one!