Dr. Nadia Gonzalez-García, MD, PhD

Visiting Researcher – RAISE Study

What are your research interests?
My research interests are centered in adolescents and the effect of chronic drug use on brain functions, and understanding cognition in typical development. The techniques used for our research include neuroimaging and epidemiological studies.
Please tell us a bit about your background?
I trained in medicine and afterwards completed a PhD in neuroscience. I obtained both degrees from the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.
What inspires you to come to placement?
Very simply, I like my work.
What has been the most challenging aspect of your research work?
Generating and organising multidisciplinary groups.
Please tell us one thing you are proud of professionally
Being able to have a positive influence on patients’ lives.
Please tell us about one thing you are proud of personally
My tenacity.
What’s great about working and/or living in Cambridge?
The possibility of collaborating with excellent researchers and groups.
Describe the life of a researcher in 3 words!
Patience, persistence, reward.