Eugenia Davidson

Visiting Undergraduate Student – RAISE Study

What are your research interests?
  • Psychiatry
  • The Mental Health treatment gap
  • Resilience
What current Projects/Studies you are involved with?
The RAISE study is a neuroimaging study focusing on the neuro-inflammatory response to stress in adolescents who have had childhood trauma. We’re looking at why certain people are more resilient than others, in the hope of eventually improving the resilience of people who have had traumatic childhoods.
Tell us a bit about your background
I am currently studying Medical Sciences with Neuroscience at the University of Exeter and have been working as a support worker at a mental health hospital. I chose to do my year in industry at Cambridge as I am interested in working in the mental health field in the future and I wanted to get hands on experience in an academic lab.
What inspires you to come to placement?
The people! Everyone is so committed to what they do and passionate about their work making it a brilliant place to work. I also love the fact that for the first time I am directly involved in a project which has the potential to change so many people’s lives.